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Wal-Mart, McDonalds, and other large corporations spend millions of dollars doing market research, trying to discover what it is that their customers want. We can take a hint from what they do. Don't assume you know The mistake many authors and o

By: Jeff Herringl Writing l March 2, 2011 lViews: 445

1 "Law of Belonging": The greatest need of teenagers (after music and the phone) is a strong sense of belonging. They need to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves. If they don't get it in a healthy place - with family, worthwhi

By: Jeff Herringl Parenting l March 2, 2011 lViews: 281

Although conflict in marriage is inevitable, fighting is optional.

The secret is in how you approach and handle the conflict. It can make the difference between a really great relationship and a breakup looking for a place to happen.


By: Jeff Herringl Other l March 2, 2011 lViews: 286

1) It's not my (pot, beer, cigarettes, etc.), I'm just keeping it for someone else.

Yeah right. The next question for the parent to ask is, "If you are keeping this for your friend, what is your friend keeping for you?" One of the reasons pa

By: Jeff Herringl Parenting l March 2, 2011 lViews: 273

Q. There has to be some way around the continuing battle in our marriage. Both my wife and I like to do things our own way and have things our own way, and so we fight for our own way. Doing it all my way does not work; doing it all her way does n

By: Jeff Herringl Other l March 2, 2011 lViews: 267

Summer vacations - what better topic could there be for a mental health column than one so likely to separate you from your own mental health?

With that notion in mind, here are 7 Universal Laws for Summer Vacations.

The Law of Prepare

By: Jeff Herringl Vacation l March 2, 2011 lViews: 431

Over the years I've probably written hundreds of articles on how parents can handle their teen-agers. This, I believe, is the first I've written on how teens can 'handle' their parents.

Here are seven principles of Care and Feeding along w

By: Jeff Herringl Kids and Teens l March 2, 2011 lViews: 472

1. It's addictive - Fighting, and the anger that comes with it, kicks off the old fight-or-flight response that prepares us to handle a threat. This produces a kind of energy, or "high." Some people have said that what kept the fighting ali

By: Jeff Herringl Other l March 2, 2011 lViews: 266

A man and woman were trying to move a couch in their home one fine morning, and were not meeting with much success. With mounting frustration in her voice, the woman said "Honey, I don't think we are ever going to get this couch out of the living

By: Jeff Herringl Other l March 2, 2011 lViews: 279

At the end of the movie "Braveheart," William Wallace is tortured but refuses to cry out. Just as he is about to die, he belts out one word-


Freedom is a word and a privilege that has been easy to take for granted in America

By: Jeff Herringl Holidays l March 2, 2011 lViews: 402